Dictionary of  Scientisists

Dictionary of Scientisists

Автор: Editor - Hazel Muir
Брой стр.: 595
Формат: 19.5/13/3.5 cm
Тегло: 0.650
Цена: 10.00 лв. (при поръчка през сайта 0% отстъпка)
10.00 лв. (корична цена)
Година: 1994 г.
ISBN: 0-7523-0036-9


If you want lots of in-depth data about scientists, education, research, things you have not got the faintest idea about, a scholarly dictionary and one for which an immense amount of work has been done, then Larousse is the book for you.
- Over 2200 entries arranged A-Z
- Includes every key figure in natural science and mathematics
- Written in clear, concise language
- Fully cross-referenced
- Invaluable subject index and complete listing of Nobel prize winners.’


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